Spa Seasonal Treatment

The feeling of absolute rejuvenation is one of a kind in our body treatments ensure that you will feel relaxed and refreshed. Your mind, body and soul will be enriched after a spa experience with us. We have different spa packages available that are designed to get rid of the stress of daily life. By indulging in our spa experience, you will have a relaxed mind and body, thereby making you more interested in your life all over again!

Mudita Harmony

  • Warm Lavender with Herbal Linen Therapy
  • Soothing Head Massage using Warm Organic Coconut Oil
  • Refining Face Spa
ONLY USD85 for 150min

Jasmine's Paradise

  • Warm Jasmine Oil Aromatherapy
  • Jasmine Body Scrub
  • Jasmine Body Masque
  • Jasmine Face Spa
ONLY USD85 for 150min

Hot Day Escape

  • Organic Coconut Aromatherapy
  • Aloe Vera Body Scrub
  • Aloe Vera Body Wrap
  • Refreshing Face Spa
ONLY USD85/150min

Green Tea's Special Treats

  • Organic Green Tea Aromatherapy
  • Green Tea Body Scrub
  • Green Tea Body Masque
  • Green Tea Face Spa
ONLY USD85 for 150min

Head-To-Toe Coconut Treatment

  • Organic Coconut Aromatherapy
  • Coconut Body Polish
  • Coconut Body Masque
  • Head and Scalp Massage with Coconut Oil
ONLY USD85 for 150min

Mango's Rejuvenation

  • Organic Mango Aromatherapy
  • Mango Body Polish and Masque
  • Rejuvenation Mango Facial Treatment
ONLY USD85 for 150min